‍‍‍‍‍‍The salmon and sea trout fishing in Mörrum has traditions that
goes back to the beginning of the 13th century. The river is famous for its big salmons, sea trouts, gorgeous nature and its unique atmosphere. The fishing in Mörrum has been worldwide famous for its salmons.

You can fish along the classic sections of pool 1-32, with the famous pools such as Rosendala, Grindarna, Hästhagen, Åkroken and last but not least pool 17. By many considered to be the worlds best sea trout pool, it's also the home of Mörrum river hotel.

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Mörrum river hotel
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Just north of Mörrum you'll find the biggest golf facility in Blekinge, Karlshamns GK. With it's 36 holes there's plenty of time to golf. The facility also offers a driving range, a five hole short track as well as a game area for chip, pitch and bunker training.

At Karlshamns GK you can get private lessons, participate in a beginners course, compete and book a golf course for your company. Company bookings doesn't demand a green card.



Below you'll find information about what the fantastic nature in Blekinge offers!

Hike/cycling along the beautiful Mörrumsån. The 30km long Laxaleden follows the river from Elleholm in the south to Hovmansbygd in the north. Along the track you'll find over 100 information boards that enlightens you of ‍‍‍both c‍‍‍ulture and history.

Paddle water kajak in Mörrumsån. The river offers the best water rapids in the region. Bring your own kajak or book it through us!

Climbing around Hällaryd, Åryd & Asarum. Between may and september you can book guided tours for both beginners and experienced climbers.

Discover Hällaryds archipelago with it's 270 scenic islands in different sizes with it's rocky/stone beaches, meadow land & leaf forest. On Tärnö you can visit the oldest tree‍‍‍ lighthouse in the country. It's been up and running since‍‍‍ 1910.

This may not be nature but it's still worth to mention...

Discover Kreativum Science Center in Karlshamn, over 2000 square meters of experiences. Perfect for the family!

Nöjeskompaniet - amazing shows in Mörrum!

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